Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear 17 and a half readers of my Blog,

I have finally decided to take up writing more seriously and hence will blog more seriously - as opposed to the compilation of frustrated vent outs that this one is.
The new blog is quite fancy, with anonymity and everything. So once i do finish the process of exam giving and move on with real life, I will update that one a lot more than I will this.

This one will still remain of course... when I do get frustrated or on occasions when I want to write things that I would not be comfortable with the world reading.. since I know the readership of this blog will remain to the limited 17 and a half people
(given that this blog has been visited 160 times over the past 2 years(!!) I can be sure of privacy here!)

The new blog is

If you have linked me on your blog, can you please make a tiny alteration there :)

Thank you very much :D
Much Love...
See you soon...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On some days I want to be this person,
On other days I want to be another…
And though my visions of me vary through the day,
At the end of it they come and rest with you.

On some days I want to live in a studio,
On other days I’ll settle for a cottage in the hills…
And though each is tastefully done,
Neither is home, without you.

On some days I’m waiting for my prince on a white horse,
On other days I know I’ll make it, all alone…
And though my boundaries are always a blur,
You always know where to step in through.

On some days I want to zoom past months and years,
On other days I don’t want the day to end…
And though I pace in and out of real life,
All through the journey, it’s always you and me.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Tide Has Turned

16th May 2009 saw an unexpected but extremely heartening election result. One thought we would face a hung house. One thought the 3rd front with all its rebellion would almost drive it down to people in india. One expected overconfident L.K Advani to almost achieve his ambition but instead he will have to end his career in politics and BJP on a big low. But neither happened. Instead the strongest and most appropriate candidate won and deluded people got a much needed eye opener. Luckily they were weeded out and a strong and inspiring and inspiring leadership will lead the country to a peak we have not yet seen and out more out of the darkness than any government has managed so far.

Doesn't it remind us of another set of elections that happened late last year. *ermhm*

But I am euphoric. I am finally believing in the fact that politics is really truly about leadership - not just power. Yes of course there is a strong chance that I am being naive - but well - too bad. Because I will believe, because i need to believe - that Mr Manmohan Singh is the least of all evils. That Rahul Gandhi deserves every bit of the appluad because he has worked very very hard to ensure the congress win and also taken difficult and controversial decisions that eventually came out fruitful.
I believe that Sachin Pilot deserves to be on a cabinet because he's a young agriculturalist - and we need people, youth, that have treaded an unconditional path to succeed so that we grow with better role models and when someone thinks of career options after 10th and 12th grade - can look at someone as smart and young (and hot) as sachin pilot and realize that there is more than Medicine-engineering-MBA- Media-Lifestyle oppottunity in the world.

I want Indian democracy to get to a stage where a development economist with a PhD from LSE will be churn out yearly budgets and a potential UN gen sec handles the foriegn affairs of the country and an agriculturalist handles Rural Development and a Lawyer handles home ministry.

Yes it sounds very Pop Culture Politics - but well screw anyone of you who thinks that way - I am an optimist and will remain.
But anyone whos bitter needs to stop being a sore loser and realize that they were not able to get the PM reelected into a second term after 1 full term. Nor were their election results able to shoot the sensex up by 2000 points in 1 minute of trading in the day. Nor were they able to chuck the likes of Mr Yadav, Mr Paswan and the hypocritical Left out of power.

And yes: I need to justify my dislike of the left to those of you who percieve me as a Commie (which i am NOT- I could be marxist - but theres a difference!)
So Yes - The Left party has made a mockery of the ideology, of the power they held and of their elitist concept of how to eradicate poverty. And hypocracy of any sort is annoying. So no I don't idealize Mr Karat.

I think Mr Ahluwalia has and will do better for poverty eradication and other developmental issues than elitist Mr Karat at any rate.

So Basically : Jai Ho!

Today my faith in leadership comes back to life from the grave in which it had recently been locked away - for obvious other reasons.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Booing Monkey!

So There are 2 new links that you can detour to when my blog gets slightly boring. Unlike my psuedo serious/absolutely mindless blog - these 2 are pieces of art and in the least entertaining :)

These belong to All Time Best Friend Manasi and her Long Time Boyfriend KC :)
Both of who are animating at NiD!

Now ofcourse for creatively challenged people - especially with the visual arts - such as myself ... It is only awe-worthy !
This is an example of what one of them can make after a satisfying meal, in b
etween conversations and in absolutely no time.
Please find more where this came from Here and Here
Signing out...