Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear 17 and a half readers of my Blog,

I have finally decided to take up writing more seriously and hence will blog more seriously - as opposed to the compilation of frustrated vent outs that this one is.
The new blog is quite fancy, with anonymity and everything. So once i do finish the process of exam giving and move on with real life, I will update that one a lot more than I will this.

This one will still remain of course... when I do get frustrated or on occasions when I want to write things that I would not be comfortable with the world reading.. since I know the readership of this blog will remain to the limited 17 and a half people
(given that this blog has been visited 160 times over the past 2 years(!!) I can be sure of privacy here!)

The new blog is

If you have linked me on your blog, can you please make a tiny alteration there :)

Thank you very much :D
Much Love...
See you soon...

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